Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions?


How do I purchase insurance after the deadline?

  • Insurance is not currently available through Tech Defenders after the deadline.  It can be purchased again in the following fall.  The device needs to be free of any current damage in order to qualify for insurance.

Can new students purchase iPad insurance?

  • New students can purchase iPad insurance through Tech Defenders at a cost of $55 after the October 1st deadline.  It will not be pro-rated. 

What does the insurance policy cover?

  • The insurance policy through Tech Defenders covers unlimited accidental damage and defects.  If they determine that the damage was intentional, it will not be covered.  Bent iPad frames often are considered a total loss and are often not covered.  These decisions are made by Tech Defenders not Wayland Union Schools.

How much does a screen cost to replace?

  • iPad 2 Screens - $125
  • iPad Air Screen - $100

What happens when I have an outstanding balance?

  • Balances less than or equal to $100
    • Take home is okay.
  • Balances over $100
    • Check in / Check Out only.
    • At fall iPad Handout - no iPad until bill is at or below $100.
  • Balances over $250
    • Check in / Check Out only on a payment plan where parents are paying at least $10 per month.
    • At Fall iPad Handout - no iPad until bill is at or under $100.

Can I get a different case for the iPad?

  • The iPad cases were purchased through Tech Defenders and have been endorsed by them as good cases.  If you have purchased insurance through them, they have requested that the iPad remain in the case provided.  
  • For various reasons, some parents have requested to buy their own case for the iPad.  We are okay with that as long as it does not currently have a Tech Defenders insurance policy on it. We are not responsible if it gets lost or stolen.