2021-2022 COVID-19


Please keep your child home from school and contact your child's school immediately if:

  • you have tested positive for COVID-19,
  • have been asked to quarantine, or
  • are awaiting test results.

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Trimester 2 - 2021-2022 School Year

Public Notification of positive and probable cases (under Emergency Order MCL 333.2253).


Notice Sent
To Families

11/15/2021 Dorr Elementary Letter 11/15/2021
11/15/2021 Pine Street Elementary Letter 11/15/2021
11/15/2021 Wayland Middle School Letter 11/15/2021
11/15/2021 Wayland High School Letter 11/15/2021
11/15/2021 Non-Instructional Building Letter 11/15/2021
11/16/2021 Baker Elementary Letter 11/16/2021
11/16/2021 Wayland Middle School Letter 11/16/2021
11/17/2021 Steeby Elementary Letter 11/17/2021
11/17/2021 Pine Street Elementary Letter 11/17/2021
11/18/2021 Dorr Elementary Letter 11/18/2021
11/18/2021 Wayland Middle School Letter 11/18/2021
11/19/2021 Wayland Middle School Letter 11/19/2021
11/19/2021 Wayland High School Letter 11/19/2021
11/22/2021 Dorr Elementary Letter 11/22/2021
11/22/2021 Steeby Elementary Letter 11/22/2021
11/22/2021 Pine Street Elementary Letter 11/22/2021
11/22/2021 Wayland Middle School Letter 11/22/2021
11/23/2021 Pine Street Elementary Letter 11/23/2021
11/23/2021 Dorr Elementary Letter 11/23/2021
11/23/2021 Wayland Middle School Letter 11/23/2021
11/23/2021 Non-Instructional Building Letter 11/23/2021
11/29/2021 Baker Elementary Letter 11/29/2021
11/29/2021 Dorr Elementary Letter 11/29/2021
11/29/2021 Pine Street Elementary Letter 11/29/2021
11/29/2021 Wayland Middle School Letter 11/29/2021
11/29/2021 Non-Instructional Building Letter 11/29/2021
11/30/2021 Baker Elementary Letter 11/30/2021
11/30/2021 Steeby Elementary Letter 11/30/2021
11/30/2021 Pine Street Elementary Letter 11/30/2021
11/30/2021 Wayland High School Letter 11/30/2021
12/01/2021 Dorr Elementary Letter 12/01/2021
12/01/2021 Wayland Middle School Letter 12/01/2021
12/02/2021 Baker Elementary Letter 12/02/2021
12/02/2021 Dorr Elementary Letter 12/02/2021

Trimester 1 - 2021-2022 School Year

Public Notification of positive and probable cases (under Emergency Order MCL 333.2253).


Notice Sent
To Families

08/25/2021 Wayland Middle School Letter 08-25-2021
08/25/2021 Wayland High School Letter 08/25/2021
08/27/2021 Wayland High School Letter 08/27/2021
08/30/2021 Wayland High School Letter 08/30/2021
08/30/2021 Pine Street Elementary Letter 08/30/2021
08/31/2021 Wayland Middle School Letter 08/31/2021
09/02/2021 Wayland High School Letter 09/02/2021
09/07/2021 Dorr Elementary Letter 09/07/2021
09/07/2021 Pine Street Elementary Letter 09/07/2021
09/07/2021 Wayland Middle School Letter 09/07/2021
09/07/2021 Wayland High School Letter 09/07/2021
09/07/2021 Non-Instructional Building Letter 09/07/2021
09/08/2021 Dorr Elementary Letter 09/08/2021
09/08/2021 Wayland High School Letter 09/08/2021
09/09/2021 Wayland High School Letter 09/09/2021
09/09/2021 Baker Elementary Letter 09/09/2021
09/09/2021 Wayland Middle School Letter 09/09/2021
09/10/2021 Wayland Middle School Letter 09/10/2021
09/13/2021 Wayland High School Letter 09/13/2021
09/13/2021 Pine Street Elementary Letter 09/13/2021
09/13/2021 Wayland Middle School Letter 09/13/2021
09/14/2021 Pine Street Elementary Letter 09/14/2021
09/15/2021 Baker Elementary Letter 09/15/2021
09/15/2021 Steeby Elementary Letter 09/15/2021
09/15/2021 Pine Street Elementary Letter 09/15/2021
09/15/2021 Wayland Middle School Letter 09/15/2021
09/15/2021 Wayland High School Letter 09/15/2021
09/16/2021 Wayland Middle School Letter 09/16/2021
09/16/2021 Pine Street Elementary Letter 09/16/2021
09/17/2021 Pine Street Elementary Letter 09/17/2021
09/17/2021 Wayland Middle School Letter 09/17/2021
09/17/2021 Wayland High School Letter 09/17/2021
09/20/2021 Pine Street Elementary Letter 09/20/2021
09/20/2021 Dorr Elementary Letter 09/20/2021
09/20/2021 Wayland High School Letter 09/20/2021
09/21/2021 Dorr Elementary Letter 09/21/2021
09/21/2021 Wayland High School Letter 09/21/2021
9/22/2021 Steeby Elementary Letter 09/22/2021
09/22/2021 Pine Street Elementary Letter 09/22/2021
09/23/2021 Baker Elementary Letter 09/23/2021
09/23/2021 Steeby Elementary Letter 09/23/2021
09/23/2021 Dorr Elementary Letter 09/23/2021
09/23/2021 Pine Street Elementary Letter 09/23/2021
09/23/2021 Wayland High School Letter 09/23/2021
09/27/2021 Baker Elementary Letter 09/27/2021
09/27/2021 Dorr Elementary Letter 09/27/2021
09/27/2021 Pine Street Elementary Letter 09/27/2021
09/27/2021 Wayland High School Letter 09/27/2021
09/27/2021 Non-Instructional Building Letter 09/27/2021
09/28/2021 Baker Elementary Letter 09/28/2021
09/28/2021 Wayland Middle School Letter 09/28/2021
09/28/2021 Steeby Elementary Letter 09/29/2021
09/29/2021 Dorr Elementary Letter 09/29/2021
09/29/2021 Pine Street Elementary Letter 09/29/2021
09/29/2021 Wayland Middle School Letter 09/29/2021
09/29/2021 Wayland High School Letter 09/29/2021
09/30/2021 Dorr Elementary Letter 09/30/2021
09/30/2021 Pine Street Elementary Letter 09/30/2021
09/30/2021 Wayland High School Letter 09/30/2021
10/01/2021 Steeby Elementary Letter 10/01/2021
10/01/2021 Dorr Elementary Letter 10/01/2021
10/01/2021 Pine Street Elementary Letter 10/01/2021
10/01/2021 Wayland Middle School Letter 10/01/2021
10/01/2021 Wayland High School Letter 10/01/2021
10/04/2021 Dorr Elementary Letter 10/04/2021
10/04/2021 Pine Street Elementary Letter 10/04/2021
10/04/2021 Wayland High School Letter 10/04/2021
10/05/2021 Baker Elementary Letter 10/05/2021
10/05/2021 Wayland High School Letter 10/05/2021
10/06/2021 Dorr Elementary Letter 10/06/2021
10/06/2021 Wayland Middle School Letter 10/06/2021
10/06/2021 Wayland High School Letter 10/06/2021
10/07/2021 Steeby Elementary Letter 10/07/2021
Pine Street Elementary Letter 10/07/2021
Wayland High School  Letter 10/07/2021
10/08.2021 Pine Street Elementary Letter 10/08/2021
10/11/2021 Steeby Elementary Letter 10/11/2021
10/11/2021 Pine Street Elementary Letter 10/11/2021
10/11/2021 Wayland Middle School Letter 10/11/2021
10/11/2021 Wayland High School Letter 10/11/2021
10/12/2021 Pine Street Elementary Letter 10/12/2021
Wayland Middle School Letter 10/12/2021
Wayland High School Letter 10/12/2021
10/13/2021 Steeby Elementary Letter 10/13/2021
10/13/2021 Wayland High School Letter 10/13/2021
10/14/2021 Steeby Elementary Letter 10/14/2021
Pine Street Elementary Letter 10/14/2021
Wayland High School Letter 10/14/2021
10/15/2021 Steeby Elementary Letter 10/15/2021
10/15/2021 Wayland High School Letter 10/15/2021
10/18/2021 Steeby Elementary Letter 10/18/2021
Pine Street Elementary Letter 10/18/2021
Wayland Middle School Letter 10/18/2021
Wayland High School Letter 10/18/2021
10/19/2021 Dorr Elementary Letter 10/19/2021
10/19/2021 Steeby Elementary Letter 10/19/2021
10/19/2021 Wayland Middle School Letter 10/19/2021
10/19/2021 Wayland High School  Letter 10/19/2021
10/20/2021 Dorr Elementary Letter 10/20/2021
10/20/2021 Wayland Middle School Letter 10/20/2021
10/21/2021 Baker Elementary Letter 10/21/2021
10/21/2021 Pine Street Elementary Letter 10/21/2021
10/21/2021 Wayland Middle School Letter 10/21/2021
10/21/2021 Wayland High School Letter 10/21/2021
10/22/2021 Baker Elementary Letter 10/22/2021
10/22/2021 Dorr Elementary Letter 10/22/2021
10/25/2021 Dorr Elementary Letter 10/25/2021
10/25/2021 Wayland High School Letter 10/25/2021
10/26/2021 Dorr Elementary Letter 10/26/2021
10/26/2021 Wayland Middle School Letter 10/26/2021
10/27/2021 Dorr Elementary Letter 10/27/2021
10/27/2021 Wayland Middle School Letter 10/27/2021
10/28/2021 Wayland High School Letter 10/28/2021
10/29/2021 Wayland Middle School Letter 10/29/2021
10/29/2021 Wayland High School Letter 10/29/2021
11/01/2021 Wayland Middle School Letter 11/01/2021
11/02/2021 Baker Elementary Letter 11/02/2021
11/02/2021 Dorr Elementary Letter 11/02/2021
11/02/2021 Pine Street Elementary Letter 11/02/2021
11/02/2021 Wayland High School Letter 11/02/2021
11/03/2021 Pine Street Elementary Letter 11/03/2021
11/03/2021 Wayland High School Letter 11/03/2021
11/04/2021 Dorr Elementary Letter 11/04/2021
11/04/2021 Wayland Middle School Letter 11/04/2021
11/08/2021 Wayland Middle School Letter 11/08/2021
11/08/2021 Steeby Elementary Letter 11/08/2021
11/08/2021 Non-Instructional Letter 11/08/2021
11/09/2021 Steeby Elementary Letter 11/09/2021
11/09/2021 Dorr Elementary Letter 11/09/2021
11/09/2021 Pine Street Elementary Letter 11/09/2021
11/09/2021 Wayland Middle School Letter 11/09/2021
11/10/2021 Baker Elementary Letter 11/10/2021
Steeby Elementary Letter 11/10/2021
Dorr Elementary Letter 11/10/2021
Pine Street Elementary Letter 11/10/2021
Wayland Middle School Letter 11/10/2021
Wayland High School Letter 11/10/2021
11/11/2021 Baker Elementary Letter 11/11/2021
11/11/2021 Dorr Elementary Letter 11/11/2021
11/12/2021 Wayland Middle School Letter 11/12/2021
11/12/2021 Steeby Elementary Letter 11/12/2021
11/12/2021 Baker Elementary Letter 11/12/2021
11/12/2021 Pine Street Elementary Letter 11/12/2021


What are the Wayland Union Schools 2021-2022 COVID-19 Prevention Strategies?

  • Face masks are recommended for students and staff in all buildings, yet not required

  • Face masks are required while utilizing school transportation per federal mandate

  • ACHD Mask Order Rescission 09.30.2021 

  • Daily symptom screenings for students and staff at their home prior to coming to school
  • Students and staff who are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms will remain at home (or be sent home should they become symptomatic after arriving at school)
  • Reminders of frequent hand washing/hand sanitizing throughout the school day
  • Daily cleaning 
  • Contact tracing to notify those who are close contacts with an individual who is confirmed positive or probable for COVID-19.
  • Space available to partner with ACHD to host mobile vaccination clinics on-site after student hours and/or on non-student days.This may include spraying classrooms, hallways, locker rooms, and common areas, as needed, with a sanitizer, along with other methods of disinfection.

How to Protect Yourself and Others

PDF DocumentHow to Protect Yourselves and Others Handout

If you have any questions, contact Allegan County Health Department at (269) 673-5411. For answers to your COVID-19 questions, please call the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services COVID-19 Hotline at 888-535-6136, email to COVID19@michigan.gov or visit Michigan.gov/Coronavirus.

Public Health Orders

PDF DocumentACHD Mask Order Rescission_09.30.2021 


COVID-19 & Communicable Disease Protocols

Are face masks required at school?

Updated September 30, 2021
Face masks are recommended for for students and staff in all buildings, yet not required.

Are face masks required on the school bus?

Yes. Per the CDC/Federal Mask Mandate face masks are required for all students and staff on school buses.

Allegan County School Quarantine Guidance

PDF Document09-23-2021 ACHD School Quarantine Guidance

Will my child be required to get the COVID-19 vaccine in order to attend school?

No. The COVID-19 vaccine is not listed on the School Required Vaccination List. For more information, please see: School Required Vaccines for Parents by MDHHS

Will you separate students who are vaccinated from students who are unvaccinated?

No. Vaccination status is a personal choice.


Will students be in cohorts in the classroom or on the playground?

No. As of June 22, 2021, MDHHS has discontinued all gathering limits for residential and nonresidential settings.

Will contact tracing continue?

Schools are required to report communicable diseases to their local health department within 24 hours. Positive or probable COVID-19 cases will be reported to the Allegan County Health Department following our Communicable Disease Board Policy 8450 and Michigan Law Act No. 368 of the Public Acts of 1978. For a complete list of reportable diseases, please see the following document: 2021 Reportable Diseases.

When there is a positive or probable case within a classroom, an exposure letter will be sent home to parent(s) and/or staff stating their close contact with a confirmed or probable COVID-19 case. “Close Contact” means any individual who was within 6 feet of a COVID-19 infected person for at least 15 minutes starting from two days before illness onset (or, for asymptomatic patients, two days prior to positive specimen collection).

Parent(s)/Staff will have the option to quarantine at the time of school notification. The resident health department will determine if a mandated quarantine is necessary.

Why is Wayland Union required to contact trace when there is a positive COVID-19 case?

Wayland Union Schools COVID-19 Case Management following the Emergency Order Under MCL 333.2253 – Reporting of Confirmed and Probable Cases of COVID-19 at Schools, issued October 6, 2020, effective October 12, 2020 and remains in effect until lifted; as well as an additional public health code information, specifically 325.174(2)d: Schools have an obligation to cooperate with public health investigations of cases and contacts identified within the student population per R. 325.174(2), that specifies:

An investigator who presents official identification of the local health department or the department shall promptly be provided with medical, epidemiologic, and other information pertaining to any of the following:

  1. Individuals who have designated conditions or other conditions of public health significance.
  2. Individuals, whether ill or well, who are part of a group in which an unusual occurrence, outbreak, or epidemic has occurred.
  3. Individuals who are not known to have a designated condition but whose medical or epidemiological information is needed for investigation into the cause of the occurrence of the condition.
  4. Individuals who were potentially exposed to a designated condition.


Will student athletes need to be tested for COVID-19 to participate?

No, as of June 22, 2021, MDHHS and MHSAA lifted all requirements for student testing.

Are face masks required for student participation in athletic activities?

The Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) has reported they will continue to follow all current government orders. Since there is currently no face mask order for high school extracurricular activities, the MHSAA has no face mask requirement.

Local school districts and county health departments that do require face masks will serve as the authority for their school buildings. This means that teams/individuals participating at those buildings will follow any requirement set forth by the host during regular season play.

Will the school provide social distancing?

With full attendance Wayland Union Schools is unable to guarantee social distancing.


“School” means public and nonpublic schools.

“Close Contact” means any individual who was within 6 feet of a COVID-19 infected

person for at least 15 minutes starting from two days before illness onset (or, for

asymptomatic patients, two days prior to positive specimen collection).

“School Associated Case” means a case of probable or confirmed COVID-19 amongst

students, teachers, staff members, coaches, volunteers, or any other person who was present on school property or at a school function under circumstances that may result in the transmission or contraction of COVID-19 during their infectious period

“School Community” means the set of persons who are affiliated with the school. This set may include, but is not limited to, parents, guardians, students, teachers, staff members, coaches, and volunteers.

“Public Notice” means providing the new and cumulative counts of School Associated Case(s) of COVID-19, including the date on which the School was notified of the new School Associated Case(s).


ACHD Mask Order Rescission_09.30.2021 

Reporting of Confirmed and Probable Cases of COVID-19 at Schools https://www.michigan.gov/coronavirus/0,9753,7-406-98178_98455-541860--,00.html

Issued October 6, 2020. Effective October 12, 2020 and remains in effect until lifted.

Michigan Public Health Code, specifically 325.174(2)d

2021-2022 ACHD School Guidance Published 8.24.2021 (See page 2 regarding the consequences of going against a public health order)

WUS COVID-19 Case Management

What If my child tests positive or is awaiting results?

Please keep your child home from school and contact your child's school immediately if:

  • you have tested positive for COVID-19,
  • have been asked to quarantine, or
  • are awaiting test results.

When school becomes aware of a COVID-19 positive or probable case, the school will:

Send a letter to the building staff and parents/guardians for a general notification as required by emergency order MCL 333.2253 – Reporting of Confirmed and Probable Cases of COVID-19 at Schools. Issued October 6, 2020, effective October 12, 2020, and remains in effect until lifted.

  • The letter will be posted to the district website at: https://waylandunion.org/district/covid-19-information/
  • Send letter to students/staff identified as close contacts

Who identifies close contacts?

For school-associated cases, Wayland Union Schools identifies and notifies close contacts

Who notifies parents/guardians that their student was a close contact?

Wayland Union Schools with follow-up from the student's resident health department.

Who initiates and requires the student to quarantine?

Resident Health Department

Will Wayland Union Schools quarantine students?

No, all quarantines will continue to be issued by the student's resident health department. Students may not attend school if ordered to quarantine by their resident health department.

If my resident health department issues the student a quarantine/isolation letter, can they attend school?

No. The student must follow the individual order outlined in the quarantine/isolation letter.

Who do I notify when my child has been placed in isolation or quarantine?

Your building office.

When do I need to quarantine?

The health department will contact you notifying you of your child's quarantine information. If your child is identified as a close contact, please immediately monitor for symptoms. If your child is not experiencing symptoms, they may attend school until you've heard from your resident health department. If your child is experiencing symptoms, your child should not report to school and wait to hear from your resident health department. Please remember to answer all phone calls even if the phone number is unknown or appears to be spam.