Middle School Infrastructure Cabling

Wayland Union Schools is soliciting bids for a Infrastructure Cabling at Wayland Middle School, 701 Wildcat Drive, Wayland, MI 49348

The following is a schedule of events for this project up through award of contract.  Final installation schedule will be established prior to contracting with the successful Vendor.  


  • Release of RFP to Bidders - November 29, 2018
  • Pre-Bid Meeting* - December 4, 12:30PM
  • Response Received from Bidders (Bid Opening)* - December 20, 12:30PM
  • 1st BoE Viewing - January 14, 2019
  • 2nd BoE Viewing - January 28, 2019
  • Contract Award - January 29, 2019
  • Installation Begins - March 1, 2019
  • Installation Completed - June 1, 2019
  • Acceptance by the Owner - June 10, 2019

 * Transportation Conference Room - Transportaiton Building - 851 Wildcat Drive - Wayland, MI 49348



Is the EC providing/installing all the conduit and boxes at teacher and projector locations? Or is that to be included in the data cabling bid?

The EC is providing the conduit and boxes.  The winning bidder is responsible for D-Rings / Cable Tray as well as IDF Cabinets.

The bid documents state that responses are due at 1:00 pm, however on the State Site is it showing 12:30 pm?

Bids are due by 12:30PM on December 20th.  The bid document contains an incorrect time.  It is represented correctly on the timeline but incorrectly in the document at B. Terms and Conditiopns - 1. Respons Submission - a.