Return to Learn: Virtual Academy of Allegan County


Virtual Academy of Allegan County Overview

The Virtual Academy of Allegan County (VAAC) is being designed in a collaborative effort among local, participating school districts to provide a 100% online educational option for students and families. It is important to note that this is vastly different from both a traditional in-person school experience and the spring 2020 emergency remote instruction. The VAAC provides online curriculum, interactive instruction and activities. There will be assessments and students will earn grades and credits as part of staying connected to their local district. Students who enroll in VAAC will not be interrupted by changes in the Phases of the MI Safe Start Plan. Students will continue classes through VAAC until they are ready to return to Face to Face instruction. Additional information about VAAC is being added to their new website.


  • Students will remain enrolled as a Wayland Union Schools student
  • Students will be instructed by teachers from Allegan County
  • Students will be assigned a mentor from Wayland Union Schools to monitor and support their progress in VAAC
  • Students will have the opportunity to interact with their teacher and classmates in direct video instruction
  • Students will be required to have at least one two-way interaction/communication per week with their VAAC teacher


This option may be helpful for families who:

  • Are not able or do not want to wear face masks according to the MI Safe School Return to School Roadmap
  • Who would have difficulty following the safety and hygiene protocols
  • Who want to be guaranteed social distancing at all times
  • Who are uncomfortable in large group settings
  • Who are immunocompromised or have a medical condition which puts them at high risk
  • Were able to participate in emergency distance learning in the spring
  • Prefer online instruction to face to face instruction
  • Want consistency and do not want to consider returning to Face to Face instruction until after the COVID-19 pandemic has been resolved


Please email if you would like to register for VAAC.