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Equipping Parents Virtual Workshops

2021-2022 Schedule

Workshops will be held virtually and may look familiar. This year, we will be reviewing popular topics previously discussed. A limited supply of free books are available. Please email Baker Secretary, Sally Hoffmaster at hoffmasters@waylandunion.org to ask for a copy.  Tune into the WUS Facebook page to see the following video presentations. 

  • September 15, 2021: Stand Tall with Mrs. Roberts 

  • October 13, 2021: Empathy Superpower with Mrs. Cimek 

  • November 10, 2021: Bear Snores with Mrs. Bailey

  • December 8, 2021: One Day with Mrs. Bos 

  • January 12, 2022: Whole Brain with Mrs. Prins

  • February 16, 2022: The Dot with Mrs. Spicer 

September 15, 2021 "Stand Tall with Mrs. Katie Roberts


October 13, 2021  "Empathy is Your Superpower" by Rachel Cimek