6th Grade Athletic Opportunities

The following sports are currently offered to 6th graders at Wayland Middle School - Please note that all athletes must have a completed sports physical on file with the WMS main office prior to first practice.  Athletes without a physical will not be allowed to participate.

Coed Cross Country 

              First practice:  9/4
              Season Length:  9/4 - 10/17
              Coach:  Jen Antel                    email:   chefjenantel@icloud.com

Girls Swimming

             First practice:  10/15
             Season Length:  10/15 - 12/16
             Coach: Brian Bollone              email:  bbollone@nvps.net

Coed Wrestling

             First practice:  1/8
             Season Length:  1/8 - 3/11
             Coach:  Robert Sikkema         email;  rsikkema@alleganps.org

Boys Swimming

             First practice:  1/14
             Season Length:  1/14 - 3/18
             Coach: Brian Bollone              email:  bbollone@nvps.net

Coed Track and Field

             First Practice:  3/18
             Season Length: 3/18 - 5/17
             Girls Coach:   Jen Antel                    email:   chefjenantel@icloud.com 
             Boys Coach:  Aaaron Wissner          email:   wissnera@waylandunion.org

Coed Tennis

             First Practice:  3/18
             Season Length:  3/18 - 5/17
             Boys Coach:  Rick Brown               email: brownr@waylandunion.org
             Girls Coach:   Dana Omness          email: omnessd@waylandunion.org

All practices for the sports offered take place at the middle school and typically run from 3:00 - 5:00pm.  Students who are participating in a sport will be dropped off at the Middle School via the school bus transportation.  Parent would be required to pick them up after practice has concluded.  EXCEPTION:  Both girls and boys swim practice will take place at the high school and run form 5:30-6:30pm.  Parents will be responsible for getting to and picking up from practice.

Any questions or if you need any additional information please contact the Wayland Middle School office at (269) 792-2306 and ask for TJ Restau  - Athletic Director or email Mr. Restau at restaut@waylandunion.org