Key Communicators Network

Key Communicators Network

What is it?
Wayland Union School’s Key Communicators Network is a group of people who receive direct contact from the school on a regular basis with information about the district primarily through email. This would include:

  • A monthly newsletter with good stories from within the district
  • News releases or statements sent to the media
  • Extra emails describing or clarifying situations

Who is a part of the KCN?
The idea of a Key Communicators Network is to include the people who others listen to and whose opinions are valued. This group includes a representative from the various aspects of the community such as city government, non-profits, boosters organizations, teachers, business owners, community groups, etc.; basically any area where school topics might come up.

Why have a KCN?
The school district has its own buildings and campus, but the community as a whole is a large part of our daily operations. Community members are the taxpayers, they are the voters and they are vested in what schools do. It is important to branch outside of our walls and keep the community informed. Not everyone reads our website or the newspaper but a lot of people simply talk to each other about what they heard or what they know. We want members to know what is happening so they can share good news or help us pass along correct facts and information if there is a more serious topic that arises.

What is the role of KCN members?
Put simply, listening and sharing. There is no obligation, no monthly meeting. We just ask that you read our material and help us share school information when you can. In addition, we ask that you share with us what you are hearing from the public – good, bad or other.