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2023 Resources

Career Cruising is an online program that allows students to explore and research career possibilities and develop plans to obtain their future pursuits.  Students can login to their account and access the program through the website careercruising.com.  

Students' login password is last name, full first name (no spaces) and password is their lunch ID number.  


Pathfinder is a new online career planning tool that helps students explore different career, training, and education paths to make informed decisions about their post-secondary options.  Pathfinder uses current labor market, wage and institutional data and metrics, to help students research and compare multiple career roadmaps. Anyone can access through the website pathfinder.mitalent.org/, no login is required,

Welcome to Clayful!

IMPORTANT: Please note that every student can access the journals, they cannot access the chat/coaches unless they are opted in or 12+ years old.