Students loading a school bus.

**Official Public Notice - Video/Audio equipment may be in use at any time on WUS buses.**

Transportation to and from school is offered to Wayland Union and area parochial school students who reside within the district’s boundaries each day.  The safety of these children is the chief concern of the school, the transportation department, and their staff.  With a fleet of 26 buses and 18 regular drivers the organization and scheduling of bus routes and student transportation is a coordinated effort.

Anything that happens on the bus to divert the driver's attention immediately puts the safety of the children in jeopardy. All students riding the buses must conduct themselves in an orderly manner. We encourage each parent to take the time to review the bus safety rules with their children. Security cameras are in use in all district buses.

A Safety Freeze is in effect the first three weeks of every school year.  During this time, no busing changes will be allowed. You must make transportation requests prior to riding the bus and WUS suggests making those arrangements as soon as you are aware that you will need bus transportation.  The Transportation Department and bus drivers will not accept notes or phone calls from students or parents for any alternate bus stop requests. Requests must be made 3 days in advance unless it is related to an emergency situation at home. This allows time to process the request and communicate to the drivers the appropriate documentation for the safety of the students. If you have any questions, please contact Transportation at 269-792-2262 or email

Special Education transportation is handled by AAESA. All contact for this service: Phone: 269-512-7790.

For information on Michigan School Bus Transportation guidelines, laws, and regulations, please visit:

View the Safe Schools Information

Michigan School Bus Transportation Guidelines, Laws and Regulations



New to District?

  1. Complete the online enrollment at
  2. Make contact with your student’s building.
  3. View Infinite Campus for bus information (you will select bus information when enrolling).
  4. Call or email ( transportation for route information. (New riders take up to 3 days to route on a bus, and if during the safety freeze, it will take longer). Additions cannot be made until student is at the address of record – this starts the 3 day process to add to a route.
  5. Be out to bus stop 10 minutes early every day.

Moved and still in the District?

  1. Update your information in the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. Inform your student’s building
  2. Call or email ( transportation for route information. (Changes take up to 3 days to route onto a new route, and if during the safety freeze, it will take longer). Changes cannot be made until student is at the address of record – this starts the 3 day process to add to a route.
  3. Be out to stop 10 minutes early every day.

Changes to current transport? Requests to be dropped at a different location? Half day changes?

  1. See policy change when already on an established route. (
  2. Three days’ notice required in writing to both your child’s building and to your bus driver for a different drop on your regularly scheduled bus route. 
  3. Due to very full buses, no riders allowed to “catch” a ride to another home for any reason on any other bus route. 
  4. Students can only ride buses that they are registered to ride on.

Bus Information & Rules


Parents are responsible for the safety of their child while going to or from the school bus stop and while waiting for the bus.  You should have your child at the designated bus stop at least ten minutes prior to the scheduled pick-up time.

Students are expected to conduct themselves in a proper manner while at the school bus stops.  The school district does not enter into disputes involving parents and/or students concerning matters that take place prior to the student boarding the school bus, or after the student has disembarked from the bus on their way home.

Reminder to Parents:

Yellow lights on the bus:  the bus is about to make a stop;
please slow down.

Red lights on the bus:  the bus has stopped and the door is open;
please stop.


Transportation schedules are mailed to you for your student(s) in mid-August.  If you feel the information is incorrect, please do not hesitate to contact the office and confirm time and bus stop location.  If you live out of the district you must call the office and let us know which bus stop your child will be using.


The Wayland Union School District wants to maintain a safe and pleasant bus riding experience for all students.  A good atmosphere while riding on the bus is conductive to the education program and required for school bus safety.
To accomplish this objective, the Transportation Department will enforce strong discipline.  The school bus is an extension of the classroom, therefore, the same behaviors are expected.  Failure to observe the bus rules will interrupt a student’s bus privileges.
Anything that happens on the bus to divert the driver’s attention immediately puts the safety of the children in jeopardy.  Therefore, all students riding the buses must conduct themselves in an orderly manner.  The Transportation Department would appreciate each parent taking the time to review the following bus safety rules with their children:
1.    Arrive at the bus stop at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled time.

2.    Obey the bus driver’s directions the first time it is given.

3.    Do not eat or drink on the bus.

4.    Help keep the bus clean

5.    Cooperate with the bus driver.  The bus driver will assign seats.

6.    Stay in your seat at all times while riding the bus.

7.    Keep head, hands and feet inside the bus at all times.

8.    Be courteous and respectful of others.

In addition, the use of profane and abusive language or obscene gestures will not be tolerated.  Such occurrences will be cause for immediate suspension of bus privileges for up to 10 days.  Suspension of bus privileges includes all Wayland Union buses for the entire time of suspension.  We are certain everyone understands the necessity of good student behavior and respect while aboard school vehicles.  Thank you for your cooperation.


If it becomes necessary when the gravel roads are iced over, we will implement “paved roads only”.


Items not permitted in the classroom are not permitted on the bus.  No athletic balls, skateboards, skis, golf clubs, or musical instruments that cannot fit on student's lap are allowed on the bus.

All book-bags or any items that students bring on the bus must be held in a student’s lap.  It may be necessary to make other transportation arrangements for large and/or bulky items.  Law requires that every item be held or secured under a cargo net to prevent flying material should the bus be involved in an accident.

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