Assessment at Wayland Union Schools

Student achievement is our top priority at Wayland Union Schools, and our professional teaching staff uses a variety of student assessments for the purpose of instructional decision making and planning.  Examples of assessments include test scores, grades, work samples, and formal and informal performance measures.  The assessment results are used to evaluate individual students, student subgroups, and the effectiveness of the district’s academic programs.  These assessments are ongoing throughout the school year, and parents are kept informed of student progress through the Infinite Campus Parent Portal, assessment results sent home, progress reports, reports cards, and parent-teacher conferences.

All students are expected to take local, state, and national assessments.  The following state and national assessments are used at Wayland Union Schools to measure student growth and achievement:  

•    M-STEP – Grades 3 – 8, 11
•    SAT – Grade 11
•    Work Keys – Grade 11
•    PSAT – Grades 8-10
•    NWEA – Grades K-8
•    Fountas and Pinnell BAS – Grades K-5

MI-Access Assessment
The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) requires that all students with disabilities be assessed at the state level.  If the state’s general assessment is not appropriate, even with assessment accommodations, the IEP Team must determine how the student will be assessed.  In response to this legislation, the Michigan State Board of Education approved the Michigan Educational Assessment System (MEAS).  It has three components:  Michigan Educational Assessment Program (MEAP), MI-Access, and for English Language Learners the World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment (WIDA).  MI-Access is designed for students for whom the IEP Team has determined that the MEAP assessments, even with assessment accommodations, are not appropriate for the student.

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