Welcome to Wayland Union Schools!

Wayland Union Schools


District Mission

Wayland Union Schools will teach, inspire and challenge our children to become caring contributors, lifelong learners, and critical thinkers prepared to embrace all of tomorrow's opportunities.

Challenge * Inspire * Contribute


Shared Core Beliefs

As we work to accomplish this mission, we hold the following statements as our shared core beliefs:

  • We believe each student can learn and is entitled to a K-12 learning experience which capitalizes on his/her abilities, needs and dreams.
  • We believe it is our responsibility to model a passion for learning.
  • We believe persistence, effort and trusting relationships will result in continuous improvement of student achievement.
  • We believe students learn how to treat others respectfully when they are treated with care and respect.
  • We believe that community involvement is essential to students' successful K-12 experience.
  • We believe a vibrant and productive community/society depends on educated and informed citizens.

Our Commitments

We will demonstrate our shared core beliefs by the following commitments made to the community and its children:

  • We will provide exemplary, interactive instruction in an environment of respect and acceptance.
  • We will work collaboratively with our students and our community to ensure high levels of learning and trusting partnerships.
  • We will use data to guide planning and decision making.
  • We will use technology to support and enhance education.
  • We will use a variety of strategies and media to frequently and effectively communicate with our students, their families and the community.
  • We will serve as good role models for our students in all aspects of our professional work and community life.