Backpack Policy

One of the areas we are always looking to improve is our safety and security for students and staff.  In consultation with our administration, area law enforcement, and the Board's Security Committee, we need to adopt new procedures for taking books and materials to your classes.

Beginning in the 2018-19 school year, WUHS students will need to keep any books or materials either in their lockers or be able to fit their books and materials under their classroom desk.  Backpacks will not be permitted to be on the floor in the classrooms or left in the hallways outside of the classroom.  Again, this is a safety and security consideration.  Loose backpacks on the floor or in the hallways pose a hazard to the safe egress from the classroom or the hallways, and impede exit routes in the case of a fire or tornado evacuation.

Students may use whatever backpack they choose to transport their books and materials to and from school, however, the general size of these backpack would not allow most of them to fit on the tray or rack under most of our desks.  Student may wish to use a smaller string backpack, no larger than 19" x 15" x 2" to transport their necessary books, iPad, and materials to class, which would fit under the desks.  One of the items our new Spirit Store will be selling are green string backpacks with a Wildcat logo, or you may use any smaller string backpack within these dimensions.

If you have any questions, please contact the high school office. Thank you!