21F Online Learning

Section 21F Online Learning Information for Parents

Students in grades 5-12 are able to take up to 2 courses online beginning 1/1/14. In order for courses to be approved, they must meet the following guidelines:

  • Requests must be submitted at least 30 school days prior to the beginning of an academic term in order to allow sufficient time for transcript reviews, course review and approval, and registration/orientation.
  • Students must have not already earned credit for the class they are requesting to take.
  • Students must have the prerequisite knowledge and skills to be successful in the online class.
  • The requested course must be aligned with remaining EDP/Graduation Requirements.
  • The student must demonstrate success in an online learning environment.
  • The course must be sufficiently rigorous and meet district requirements.
  • The cost of the course cannot exceed 1/18th of a district’s foundation allowance for the student making the request.

If a course request is approved, the student will be registered by the district. The student may be required to demonstrate competency in an online learning environment by taking an orientation course delivered by either the course provider or Allegan Area Educational Service Agency.

Courses taken online will replace courses in the student schedule, they may not be taken in addition to courses delivered face to face or result in a student being considered more than full time. Students will earn a grade and academic credit for approved courses taken online.

If a course request is denied for failing to meet one of the requirements listed above, the parent and student have the right to appeal the decision to Allegan Area Educational Service Agency Superintendent. Once an appeal has been submitted, you can expect a decision within 5 school days.

If you have questions about 21F courses or the approval process, please contact the guidance counselor at your student’s school.

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