Facilitating Understanding Through Unique Real- life ExperienceS

FUTURES is an external/non-traditional learning experience for our students. FUTURES is designed to give students the opportunity to learn about subjects not traditionally taught during the regular school day. It is also a chance for many to have an educational experience at a site that pertains to their particular program.

Goals of the FUTURES program include:

Non traditional learning experience designed to:  

  • Challenge all learners to apply critical thinking and life skills
  • Inspire hands and minds-on engaged learning
  • Contribute to a growth mindset and lifelong learning for all students

2024 FUTURES Catalog

Enrollment will OPEN in March 2024!

Students select and register for ONE course program only!
Please work with your student in selecting a FUTURES program along with alternatives in case the initial choice has been closed due to enrollment. 

To register a student please select the Activity Registration tab in Infinite Campus Portal. Help for registering can be found here.

Courses are first come, first serve basis. Once a course has been selected there will be no changes! 


There are a number of FREE programs offered.

Some FUTURES programs have an associated cost. Please discuss this matter with your student prior to selecting a particular FUTURES program. Please note that FUTURES is NOT school funded and all students are responsible for the fees associated with their choice of programming. Online payments can be made by checking/ savings account or credit/ debit card. There is a small fee associated with credit/ debit card online payments.

In addition students may apply for a scholarship to cover the cost of their course selection if financial assistance is needed. Students please apply here. The scholarship is first come first serve basis.

For students interested in paying by cash, please stop in the Media Center for more information.