Yearbook Info

Buy a Yearbook

Please look over the information that is available on this page. If you have questions, please email Kara Denhof, the HS Yearbook Advisor, at

Purchasing Yearbooks

Walsworth is our yearbook publishing company. 2021 books ordered last year can be picked up from Mrs. Denhof in room B216 or at lunches.  Class of 2021 books can be picked up in the main office during school business hours.  

Senior Photos

Senior photos should be emailed to Please share only ONE photo to be used in the yearbook. Photos need to be in portrait orientation. The clothing choice needs to follow the school dress code.  A simple head and shoulder shot looks best in the yearbook.

Please crop photos before submitting. We create square boxes for the portraits to accommodate for portrait orientations. If we need to crop your photo, we cannot guarantee how it will look in the final product.

Photos due are by Friday, December 3, 2021.

We request that the pictures look professional (i.e. no “Selfies”). If there are financial issues preventing a student from having a senior picture taken, please let us know because we can arrange for a yearbook photographer to take some nice pictures.

For questions please contact