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WHS Yearbook  Information

This page contains information about the 2020-2021 Wayland Union High School Cat Tales Yearbook. Our theme this year is: Adjust. Adapt. Evolve.  

Please look over the information that is available on this page. If you have questions, please email Amy Huyck, the HS Yearbook Advisor, at or the yearbook email is

Purchasing Yearbooks

Walsworth is our yearbook publishing company. Books can be purchased online at with a $1.25 service fee. Simply search for Wayland Union High School once you are on the site.

Base price:
$55 Feb. 2 – May 6
$60 May 7 – May 15


We have a limited number of yearbooks, so order your yearbook today! You can add many special details or accessories if you wish for extra charges. 

Follow this link, to order your yearbook! Order forms are available in the Media Center if you wish to pay with a check. These can be brought to the Media Center with a check payable to Wayland Union High School.

Senior Photos

Senior Photos should be emailed to (best method for photo submissions). Please share only ONE photo to be used in the yearbook. Photos in Portrait orientation look better than Landscape orientation. A simple head and shoulder shot looks best in the yearbook.

Please crop photos before submitting. We create square boxes for the portraits to accommodate for Portrait or Landscape orientations. If we need to crop your photo, we cannot guarantee how it will look in the final product.

Actual photographs can be submitted to the HS Media Center (box labeled Senior Pictures). Please write student name on the back.

Photos due are by Friday, December 18, 2020.

We request that the pictures look professional (i.e. no “Selfies”). If there are financial issues preventing a student from having a Senior Picture taken, please let us know because we can arrange for a yearbook photographer to take some nice pictures.

Donated Yearbooks

If anyone would like to donate the purchase of a yearbook for a student who cannot afford it, please contact Amy Huyck at Last year we had over 10 yearbooks donated by businesses, individuals, and the Yearbook Club to Seniors that were not able to afford the cost of a yearbook! Also, if you know of a student who would like a yearbook and cannot afford to purchase a yearbook, please email Amy Huyck at

For questions please contact